Here at Wave USA, we’re committed on providing courageous individuals like you with an opportunity to create their own unique success all by being flexible, profitable and most importantly comfortable. We do so by focusing on providing outstanding services and supports to our Independent Consultants and their customers. We at Wave USA believe and practice the law of L.T.D (Learn, Teach, and Duplicate.) This method has been in effect in our world and organization for decades and has bought tremendous amount of success and happiness to hundreds and thousands of people. And today we can provide you with the training and resources to build a legacy that will last from generations to generations. With us offering back office supports, sales tools, sales and business educations, mental support all you need to do is put a little bit of affords, follow the system and you will create/generate a pipe line of passive incomes for you and your families/friends.


Aren’t you tired of over working, living paychecks to paychecks?  Well I have GREAT News for YOU, Wave USA provides individuals such as yourself the opportunity to make money every time someone talked on the phone, watched television, sent text messages, surfed the Internet, or used natural gas and/or electricity.


Our methods have been very successful because we create a network of individuals such as yourself who acts as liaisons between the clients and the customers. In which we bypass all the expensive forms of marketing. The result is a better value for customers, a high acquisitions volume for the clients and remarkable income generating opportunity for you which will lead in true financial freedom.